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  • Global Deception and the Issue of Freedom: Apocalyptic Trumpets

    Global Deception and the Issue of Freedom: Apocalyptic Trumpets

    My book about the apocalyptic trumpets has been published now as paperback and PDF. Check it out:

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  • Can we find Truth? Seeking for growth in Light

    Current Thinking We all see the world somewhat differently, subjectively. Truth is individual. In the public square we should give freedom for everyone to believe in his/her own view of truth. Freedom of religion is important. However, truth is not only subjective and personal like postmodern philosophy argues. General, objective truth exists. After all, we […]

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  • Exploring the Grievances of the Union of Church and State

    Table of Contents    Introduction Discussion Unsustainable to Social Justice Social Justice by the Catholic Church Martin Luther in the Heart of Protestantism Social Justice by Modern Protestantism and Evangelicalism Social Justice by Liberalism and Atheism Evaluation of Definitions Unsupported by History The Dark Ages Jean Calvin’s Theocracy Considering the Liberty of Conscience in America […]

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  • Getting Closer to God

    Today, many people have an urge to find a deeper understanding about reality and God. Unity and an experience of reality’s or God’s presence is something to look for. Generally, there are two theories on approaching to God. The first one of these world views is called the Emerging Church view and is promulgated by […]

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