Ebook: Global Deception and the Issue of Freedom: Apocalyptic Trumpets


This book is about the current events in light of prophetic/apocalyptic trumpets. The Antichrist and leaders of the world use deception for getting global authority. A global medical deception is part of the hoax. However, Jesus Christ will win in the end. God’s government and Christian mindset are about freedom of conscience not totalitarianism.


A Book about Current Events in Light of Apocalyptic Trumpets

Trumpets were signaling devices in ancient Israel, and a metaphorical and amazing message is hidden in them for the modern human being. The relationship between freedom and responsibility is a very current topic. Who has the authority to define the limits of freedom and responsibility? Which entity has the authority to decide who has the right to access freedoms? The forces of evil, including the Antichrist, aim to take the hold of this authority by deception.

The great controversy between light and darkness concentrates on these issues, and it is a battle for our mindset and attitudes. Jesus Christ will have victory in the end. However, it is important to know the means of the hoax of Satan and the Antichrist, so that we would not be deceived. A global medical deception is part of the hoax. Liberty of conscience, not totalitarianism, is at the heart of God’s mindset and government.

The interpretation of the trumpets has a long tradition. This book continues the tradition by concentrating on the fifth and the sixth trumpet. Often in Protestantism the events of the fifth and the sixth trumpet are either situated into the past (so called traditional interpretation in Adventism) or they are seen to reach until the present time. In this book, we unite the two views and think that the trumpets are repeated in history. We aim to let the Bible interpret itself. Both global deception and freedom of conscience are issues which are grounded on God’s Word.

The book is a self-published work, and it contains 259 pages.


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